Saturday, March 15, 2014

"You Can't Escape the Cup, Emily"-Pretty Little Liars 4X23

Pretty Little Liars starts the episode with Spencer running through the woods in a wedding dress and then finally takes a page out of every action/adventure/mystery/thriller series ever by flashing a 48 hours earlier at the end of the scene. Spencer gets left at the altar, in which her future husband tries to kill her? In this town, I think that's a totally reasonable assumption.

48 hours ago, Spencer somehow managed to sneak away from Dean long enough to do a quick run-down with the girls over coffee. Emily and Spencer leave the brew to see Jason get into a car WITH YET ANOTHER HAIRSTYLE and drive away while ignoring them.

This is going to be how we automatically tell what season it is right? Jason's hair?

Ella is back! She shows up at the house and lectures her daughter on drinking all of the mini bar (Aria swears she didn't do it). The we get to see Dean, once again, try to get some of Spencer's pee. She tries to not do this and go see Jason, but Dean really needs Spencer's pee, and I can only assume he held her down and force fed her a pitcher of water. Spencer recounts her lack of Jason-seeing with Emily at school later, and then...Paige shows up. She tries to defend herself, but Emily is not hearing it. Look, I get the trust thing, but Paige is right. The cops may be dumb, but they need to know it's not Ali in that grave. Elsewhere, Travis blows off Hannah for a date. Just bring back Caleb, show.

Ashley Marin hates her life as Mrs. DiLaurentis proceeds to be the worst. But, she does find Ali-sized clothes in Ali's room bought only a few days prior. Somehow Mrs. D knowing about her daughter does not surprise me, because she has that serial killer look down to a T. 90's dreamboat detective shows up to tell Mrs. D her daughter may not be dead. Mrs. D says she is, but the detective tells her they are exhuming the body with or without her permission. Apparently, the coroner did not report a broken bone on the body, which Ali had. Who the fuck is the coroner in this town? I'm assuming that the body was fairly skeletonized after a year, so they really shouldn't be identifying the body by her clothes (which is how they did it right? Someone tell me if I'm wrong). You would use dental records or look for injury history. Does anyone know how to do their job in this town?

Emily finally corners Jason, who basically tells her to GTFO and leave him alone. But first, he shares a flashback where Mrs. D assumes Spencer is bullying Ali and she tells Ali not to put up with it. With a parent like this, no wonder Ali is awful. At the Montgomery household, Aria, pissed at Ezra, yells at her poor mother, the only decent parent on this show, and storms away. Look, I know you're pissed about Ezra, but your mother is one of the few people actively not harassing you. Don't burn any bridges.

Spencer won't sleep in her room because of the dirt, but also because of the serial killer that lives next door. Also, she has no idea what she did that summer. So her mom, once again, insists on not telling her. I would like to take a moment to nominate Mr. and Mrs. Hastings for worst parents ever. Has anyone sat down with you about how to deal with your daughter's illness? I mean, you got her a sober coach, which is great, but you refuse to tell Spencer the one thing that's driving her crazy because it's too tough for you to think about?!?!?! This is only making it worse. Also, Spencer should be pissed that her parents assume she murdered Ali. I get, based on her behavior, that she may have been a suspect. But not even talking to Spencer about it? That's cold. Of course, I'm fairly convinced someone in her family is involved in this whole mess, so I really shouldn't be surprised. Horrible parenting aside, I do think Spencer's mental state is a fascinating addition to the show. Other than the fact that it seems to handle it correctly, or at least with sensitivity, it fits into the theme of the show. The show is heavily influenced by Hitchcock, I mean the coffee shop is called "Rear Window". Hitchcock used psychological horror in his movies-Vertigo in particular is incredibly relevant this season-and A's torture extending to exacerbate an actual illness fits perfectly.

Back to Spencer's inability to sleep. Spencer is sleeping on the couch, so Dean tries to talk to her and Spencer actually opens up a little. He offers to read to her to put her to sleep, and of course he falls asleep on her ass. Its a little adorable. And of course, Mrs. Hastings walks in, assumes the worst, and fires him on the spot. I have seen so many of these 'caught in a compromising situation' situations that at this point I wouldn't assume anything. But once Dean finally gets to do his job other than obsessively monitoring Spencer pee, he is fired. Side note, is it me, or since the start of Elementary have there been twice as many sober companions on television? Just me?
How scandalous

Over at the brew, the girls meet and who shows up but 90's dreamboat detective to threaten them about knowing Ali isn't really dead. I know that we know that the girls know more than they're letting on (yes, I just really typed that sentence) but it is absolutely hilarious that this teenaged detective and his mid-30's partner's think that these girls are basically criminal masterminds. Yes, they deal with a lot of shit, but stop treating them like your friendly, neighborhood serial killers.

Hannah gets wind of the whole clothes conundrum and signs the girls up to model wedding dresses. Because if I'm looking to buy a wedding dress, I definitely want to see it on a teenaged model. Also, Spencer or Mrs. D may kill each other. That might put a damper on the party.Spencer finally finds Jason to discuss where he (and she) has been. Who wants to take a bet on who else in these families have an addiction problem? I mean, we know Ashley likes her wine, but she is not related to Spencer and Jason (Or is she?!?). Dean shows up long enough for to say goodbye to Spencer and to inform her that Jason's rehab center...has been closed for two years. DUN DUN DUN.And of course, Travis is also working the party. A few terse words are exchanged, but he runs over a mailbox for Hannah and makes out with her while she's still in a wedding dress. Honestly, not even the weirdest start to a relationship in this town.

Spencer spies Mrs. D. making an exchange with someone in a black hoodie. The next logical step is to of course, follow him/her. So Spencer makes the fantastic decision to run into the woods after who she assumes to be Allison. 1) Has no one learned to avoid the woods in this town? Or from any movie ever? NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS THERE. 2)I can't decide if the it was entirely intentional, but symbolism of Spencer running through the woods in a wedding dress is great. Really, it operates on multiple levels. On an obvious note, Spencer in white chasing A in black represents Spencer and the Liars as a beacon of truth fighting against the evil of A.On an ironic level, wedding dresses are a symbol of innocence/virginity and we just spent the last few episodes trying to decide if Spencer killed her friend. Also, the show has done a magnificent job of rejecting the concept of innocence associated with a white wedding dress (virgin status or otherwise). The juxtaposition of this history and what we know about the characters makes this choice brilliant.

Anyways, the chase ends with her veil being caught in a bear trap. And I have so many questions about where Rosewood exists topographically. Also, Aria and her mom make up and surprise! Ella and boy whose name I've forgotten are engaged! Which means A is going to strike at her wedding? Glad we've figured out the next season finale. Hannah and Emily figure out the password to an email they found, and send it to Ali. She immediately calls and tells them to come find her in Philly. The three meet up with Spencer, who is rightly having a panic attack after the running and the bear trap, and they tear the dress off her. And what do they find? MOTHER FUCKING PHALANGES. Fuck this show.
This may be the creepiest thing A has ever done

Next week: Everyone finally gets guns. I'm not the biggest fan of gun ownership, but when in Rosewood...Also, apparently Ali tells all. Do I really think this? No. However, if we could get to a place where Ali can come back, that would be fascinating. The girls have created a stronger, healthier friendship since Ali's 'death', and watching her try and re-acclimate into society would be so interesting it would make me ignore any lack of answers they may give. Which means she'll probably die for reals this time.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Why Did We Wait So Long?"-Haven 4X05

If we did a satellite survey of Haven, how many dead bodies would there be outside of cemeteries (I'm assuming Haven has multiple ones. Like Sunnydale)? 

These are the sorts of things that run through my head during sad scenes like this one. Thanks grad school. 

Anyways, we then cut to Jennifer, who is trying to research her parentage. Vince has narrowed it down to 6 Haven families, so she decides she's going to track them down. I'm glad the show has a reason to have her stick around other than Duke asked her to. I also want her and Audrey to become best friends because every potential female friend for Audrey has died. Or lost their memory. Dave and Vince argue a bit about the Troubles before Vince storms off. 

Nathan is making pancakes and Audrey's place. God, I love this show. But they don't get to eat them because Vince and Dave show up, sending Nathan diving out the back like a high school kid (isn't that what's supposed to happen in high school? That's what tv has taught me anyway). The two find him and admonish him for not seducing Lexie and then he awkwardly tries to quote Phil Collins. I mean, The Supremes.

Duke comes into the Herald to tell Jennifer to get her stuff and leave because he's skipping town. Jennifer is naturally confused, so Duke explains that he's tired of helping everyone else. He's supposed to be the selfish one. He leaves an upset Jennifer to get a part from one of the Driscolls. Suddenly, everything starts to be crushed, or implodes, and he has to save a girl from this Trouble.  When the police arrive they realize that it's a pressure trouble, and Vince and Dave have the bends. They are put in a decompression chamber while they hilariously bicker at each other. Dear Haven writers, more 'drunk' Dave and Vince please.

Nathan and Audrey arrive as Duke leaves, and he yells at them for how selfish they are. Audrey disagrees, and they continue on their separate ways. The two quickly realize that the Driscolls brothers now have a Trouble because of the same guys that changed Carrie's last week. And creepily spied on Audrey and Nathan.

"You Look Like a Turtle!"
We find the other Driscoll brother being arrested in the middle of the town. This pressure activates his Trouble, which continues to grow until the police arrive. The plan becomes to have Duke kill Jack Driscoll, taking his Trouble. Problem: Duke doesn't have his Trouble anymore. Nathan and Audrey realize this when he finally shows up and some of Nathan's blood gets on him. The three of them don deep sea suits to help Aiden, but Nathan starts to lose oxygen. Audrey continues to stop Aiden, and Duke saves Nathan's life.

Meanwhile, Jennifer has met with all of her potential families but one. There, she sees a horseshoe crab with human eyes. Just like earlier in the episode. Creepy. So, so creepy.

Thanks for those nightmares Haven

Meanwhile, Jennifer has met with all of her potential families but one. There, she sees a horseshoe crab with human eyes. Just like earlier in the episode. Creepy. So, so creepy.

Duke realizes he was wrong to leave and apologizes to Jennifer, who forgives him.  Jennifer, after going to the last house, gets a box of the family's stuff. In there? The book that Audrey had in the pilot and that the two Audreys found at Agent Howard's house. Jennifer and Audrey are connected. Part of me thinks that Jennifer is Audrey's (not our Audrey) sister. But, that Audrey never showed signs of a Trouble. It may be her losing her memory messed with how she gets her Trouble, but I don't think that's it. Whatever this is, this book is important, and I'm excited for the scene where Audrey haphazardly finds it (you know it will happen).

 Dave and Vince show up to talk about how the apocalypse is totally not happening, and then Jennifer bursts their bubble. Those creepy crabs? A sign of the apocalypse. I swear, if I made a list of all the possible signs of the Apocalypse based off of television shows...this one would be the wierdest. Anyways, because of the whole non-end-of-the-world thing, they set off to find Nathan and Audrey. Who are crying, as they decide now is the time to kill him. But first, the most Haven-y things said this season:
Jennifer: Could be something she doesn't know she knows, you know?...Does that makes sense?
Duke: ...Believe it or not, yes.

In Haven, events are cyclical. The Troubles come every few decades, with Audrey, the Crockers, and others to help protect the town. Really, all of the characters are just fulfilling their role every time. Jack told Duke earlier that the Driscolls and the Crockers protect the town, that's their jobs. The sense of family lineage and its relationship to the Troubles is what drives a lot of these character's actions. Every characters has things they know, but they don't know they know them because of who fulfills the roles everytime.

Guys, this is the second time in two days you have walked in on people post-coitus. I think it's time for an intervention.
They come upon a line :"You're greatest salvation with be your doom". What is their salvation? Nathan's death. So they try and stop Nathan and Audrey from killing Nathan. Duke also lets it slip that Audrey is really Audrey before they hear the gunshot off camera. Uh-oh.

One of the things I've always loved about Haven is how logical it is. Yes, it's a show about the supernatural. But every finding makes some sort of sense. The mythology of the show is so well done, which each 'supernatural' things having a logical reason rather than just saying 'its magic' and moving on. That's why this whole "Audrey must kill someone she loves to end the Troubles" has never sat well with me. It felt more like someone made up this rumor as a way for Audrey/Sarah/Lexie/Lucy to suffer? Especially if Haven is some sort of battleground, the spread of myths in order to mess with the other side seems plausible. It always seemed like untrue myth rather than fact in the Havenverse, and I'm glad they've disproved it.

Friday, November 1, 2013

"This was Never Meant Personally"-The Good Wife 5X05

If there was an award for most apt title, "Hitting the Fan" would win in a landslide. Because shit. hit. the. fan.

The writers and creators have been building to this moment for awhile. No, not just from last season, but from the beginning of the show really. They took these characters and showed us their reasons and motivations for just about anything, allowing the viewer to understand and sympathize with them at different points. With this episode, they stuffed each character in their own cannons and just started shooting them at each other. And it is damn entertaining.

The episode starts off with more of the conversation between Will and the publicist than we heard last week, where they are ironically discussing how stable the firm is. Diane comes in, and the firm falls apart. Will unleashes rage onto Alicia, trapping her in her office and getting the other partners together to fire her. Then, they go about firing everyone else. Diane traps Cary and he angrily gives up important info, like they're going after ChumHum, to her before she fires him. Again. David Lee gleefully walks from office to office firing every fourth-year in site. Alicia is removed from the building. Everyone has been kicked out of L&G, so they set up shop in the coffee place downstairs.

Alicia cries, you cry. That's how this show works right?

They scramble to figure out what clients are coming with them because they desperately need money and have no files. Then there's that dude who remarks that they didn't get their bonuses. Can we fire that guy? Like now? Kalinda comes down to offer her services and Cary, once again, gives too much away. This will end well. Alicia decides to distract Will with actual work, which no one is doing at the moment, so he has to go work a deposition about a nurse that was fired for being too pretty. I kind of love that they are doing a ripped-from-the-headline thing without actually going into a case? It's like their mocking people that criticize the show for its on-pointness. Will also has Alicia's phone, which makes for some interesting conversation when Grace and Peter call. Grace just needs a permission slip, and Peter just yells at him. Dude, you haven't even spoken to your wife. Please stop threatening on behalf of her, and if you haven't noticed, she can take care of herself. 

Alicia's client calls her because she doesn't think Will is handling the case right. Will take the phone and argues with Alicia, resulting in the most hilarious conversation of the night:
Alicia: OH, GO TO HELL!
Will: NO, YOU GO!...Oh, you're daughter called. She needs you to call her school to let her go on a field trip
Alicia: Oh, when was this?
Will: About forty minutes ago
Alicia: Oh, okay. Thanks
Will: You're welcome.
Because really, The Good Wife is a comedy.

Alicia "Sassmaster" Florrick

If I wasn't convinced that Breaking Bad is going to sweep at the Emmy's next year, I would say Josh Charles has a shot (and maybe the show as a whole) for next year. Because this may be his best episode yet.

Kalinda also reveals her true intentions, leaking information about F,A&A for Will to use. She gives up where their offices are, which David Lee promptly shuts down. 

The tensions escalate as Alicia and the the other try to wrangle clients. L&G serves them a restraining order to stop them from going after ChumHum, so after a snarky court session causes Alicia to get a restraining order against L&G. How fun. F,A&A sets up camp in Alicia's house, and then Carey wierdly hits on Grace while Grace pours him wine. What?

All of the awkward

Then Peter comes over, mainly to check up on Alicia, but also for some gross sexytimes.

The way that this show uses sex-specifically with Alicia and Peter-is really fascinating. The show is very specific in showing us when and why the two of them have sex as their relationship become increasingly complicated. For Alicia, she initiates sex with Peter in order to reaffirm her status as "The Good Wife". I talk a bit about it here, but her choice of Peter is reactionary. In the first season, she feels guilty about her feelings for Will, so she has sex with Peter. Last season, her mother said that Alicia should choose Will. To choose Will means being her mother, means being not "The Good Wife", so she pulls Peter into the bathroom. Peter is there to reassure her that she is not a bad person. Peter, on the other hand, fetishizes his wife's power. One of the reasons I love Will so much is that he truly respects Alicia, even if she's not with him. Peter, on the other hand, seems to respect Alicia because she's his wife.

 In this article, they discuss that Alicia and Will have a clear mutual, professional respect for each other even though they may be at odds personally. In scenes where Peter initiates sex, it is often done after Alicia shows some enormous amount of power. In season 2, it was after watching her kick ass in court (and was questionable in the consent department). Now? He's watching her kick ass in starting a new firm. He doesn't routinely see Alicia's BAMF-ness as much as we or Will does, but whenever he does he has sex with her.

The hilarious part of this whole scene is how much emphasis everyone puts on their relationship. Florrick, Agos and Associates does play up that they have the governor's wife as a partner, but Lockhart and Gardner put an even larger emphasis upon it. But in this episode, Alicia is fired, goes to court, gets a restraining order, and has half a dozen meetings with her new firm in various places without ever telling her husband. Then, when he shows up, her response? "Oh good, you've heard!". Then she has sex with him and nonchalantly says they can't renew their vows, and goes back to kicking ass. This is the relationship everyone puts so much emphasis on?!

Implications and, let's be honest about this scene, grossness aside, that was definitely the most creative "Lean In" reference I've ever heard.


F,A&A and L&G go head to head to fight for ChumHum. Originally, L&G win, but with some meddling by Peter ChumHum decides F,A&A is in their best interests. So much for Peter running the most ethical governorship ever (because I really thought that was going to work out *sarcasm*). Then Peter decides Diane should not get the judgeship because of this whole Alicia business. Peter, if you actually talked to your wife, you would know that Diane tried to take herself out of it. She didn't want any part of it because of the judgeship. You really just did a 180 on the whole ethical thing in the matter of days. That must be a new record.

Sundays were always my favorite night for this show, but it really became my favorite night after this episode. This season is shaping up to be magnificent, and I am so excited to see the rest. 

Now please excuse me, I'm going to go convince everyone I have ever met to watch this show.

Friday, October 11, 2013

"Are you Talking About Mathew or Jesus?"-Grey's Anatomy 10X04

Honestly, most shows barely get to 100 episodes, so 200 is very impressive. So naturally, it's party time!

And wow is it a party. It's like Cirque-du-Soleil in here, which is totally fitting with the whole "we need money thing". Jackson is not happy, Hunt is not happy, and none of the doctors want to be there. And, of course, there's and accident.

Bailey and the Patients
Bailey is stuck at the hospital with the worst patients ever: Weber and a bigoted dying dude. The bigot doesn't want to die, and Weber does so much that he pushed Bailey. Her solution? Put the two in the same room together. Bigot accepts his death and Weber decides to live. Good job, Bailey.

Christina and Hunt
Christina had all the best lines tonight (besides Arizona/Kepner). She tries to convince Hunt that they need to meet other people, which they do, but in very different ways. Hunt meets a cute doctor from another hospital trying to divert money to her hospital and who also likes Hunt. Christina gets a rich guy progressivly drunker so he'll spend more money.

The best part of the episode is when said rich guy gives her a check and asks her to go home with him. She says no, and he accepts it. This should not be so amazing or new, but it is. Most of the time, she'd be accused of leading him on and that she owes him sex. But no, Grey's Anatomy shows a progressive view and it's wonderful. But Christina eats her words about meeting new people when she sees that the other doctor is clearly interested in Hunt, whereas she can't or doesn't want to meet anyone else.

Callie, Callie, Callie. I know you're hurt, but telling all the donors that you're wife is dead? That's pretty shitty. Eventually she realizes this while putting the trapeze artist back together as she had a conversation at the party who actually lost their husband.

Jackson spends most of the episode with Hunt pressuring him and trying to find a way to make everyone happy. The party was clearly over the top, but in the end Jackson finds a great way to get people to donate: show them what the hospital actually does. Smart thinking dude.

Meredith and Derek
Meredith and Derek were the adorablest this episode. Apparently, neither are working because of  maternity leave, so they've become ridiculously competitive about the most mundane things including getting the most donors. Also, Derek juggles.

In the end, they both end up doing surgery on the collapsed event planner and decide to forgo the whole no surgery thing. And they make a wonderful reference to the last big shindig the hospital put on in season 2.

The Interns
The interns make the spectacularly terrible decision that they can handle all the ER problems on their own. Good job. They end up having to call Yang, who bonds with Smiley, and then Smiley kisses Stephanie, which Jackson walks in on. At least he and Stephanie have an actual conversation on their relationship? I don't know, I'm not very invested in this. Also, what is with all the blatant attendings dating interns? Remember when it was a big deal?

Jo and Alex
Jo, the only intern at the party, talks up Alex who mopes in the corner for most of the episode. But it's okay, because he thinks one of the patients is his dad, and it turns out it is. I'm excited to see this storyline play out because this may be the most interesting thing they've given Alex.

Arizona and Kepner
New. Favorite. Thing. Callie's glares at Arizona send her literally back in the closet. Kepner runs into her, so they get drunk in the supplies closet and oh my god this is my new favorite friendship. Kepner hilariously asks Arizona if she can try on her leg and Arizona hilariously boops The Worst Intern on the nose because she is so drunk.
New brotp

Also, they discuss desire and forgiveness and there's a lot of confusion about who they're talking about. Kepner seems to talk about desire for Jackson and forgiveness from Mathew/Jesus and Arizona shows how cracked her marriage was before the cheating. So it was a mix of sad and funny, and I hope that these two become best friends. Arizona really needs someone on her side and Kepner needs a friend who she's not in love with.

Thought on the 200th episode? How is this Christina/Owen mess going to end? Answer in the comments! 

Monday, September 30, 2013

"I Smell Dead People. And Spiders. Dead People Killed by Spiders".- Grey's Anatomy 10X01

Well this season premier was shocking. Too soon?

I'm going to try and make this as consise as possible because A LOT happened in two hours.


Meredith and her cute baby run the entire show from her hospital bed. She makes medical decisions for Webber, aids Callie, and lets Yang attempt to take a nap in her bed. Girl has come a long way from being dark and twisty.

I was impressed with the handling of Webber's medical care and I may have kind of teared up when she admitted he was family at the end. Meredith has a habit of denying reality until it finally hits her, and this time was rather touching.

Alex and Jo
Alex and Jo waste no time and attempt to have sex in the on call room. Where Alex has had sex with many women. And, you know, the mudslide and death kinda ruin the mood. Then they try and have sex in the supplies closet, but Alex has had sex in there. Alex, stop having sex in the hospital.

Cristina and Owen
I was 800% behind their breakup. Honestly, it should have happened sooner. Christina needs to find someone amazing, and personally I want her to meet someone just as brilliant as her. I never felt like Burke and Owen were on her level. But at least they're finally broken up? And making up for all the sex Alex and Jo aren't having.

Jackson and April
Jackson rebuffs April's proposal and tell her to decide what she really wants. And what does she really want? Cute EMT guy.

Yeah. That's totally going to last. I give it to November sweeps.

The Interns
In all honesty, I dislike most of the interns. I like Jo and Mousey, Smiley's alright, and I hate the other two. Smiley spends the whole episode dealing with his guilt, which I give about 2 episodes before everyone knows, and everyone else tries to bond. I guess Jo and Jackson's intern can bond about sleeping with their bosses?

Webber and Mousey
Mousey is told to go find Webber, and she dumbly walks into the water without checking the scenery, gets electrocuted and hits her head. I totally thought that Webber was going to die and Mousey would be seriously injured. The actress was cast on another television show, so I thought they would give her an out while keeping the door open for her to return and leave us and everyone else with the emotionally disturbing death of Webber.

But no, Mousey is no more. It was sad to watch the interns reaction and even sadder to watch Bailey struggle against Avery's mom and Meredith. And why on earth would anyone give control to Avery's mom? I know she's the owner of the hospital, but come on. That's a clear conflict of interest.

Callie and Arizona

Now, I've saved a this portion of the episode for the end of this, because I have to rant. And it's about Arizona and Callie. If you've gone near Tumblr since the finale, everyone hates her.

First off, Callie telling everyone about Arizona and leaving without telling her was shitty. Second, Sophia is Arizona's kid. Arizona may not have wanted her right away but she has been Sophia's parent since her birth and has every right to want to see her kid. Thirdly, this isn't some new betrayal because A) Adultery is a theme in Grey's Anatomy (this topic is covered wonderfully here: ) Hell, in this episode there was a huge discussion about the Chief's adultery which Meredith forgave him for. This isn't new. B) Shonda researched the effects of losing a limb. Basically, people who lose a limb do out of character things for up to years after the incident. and C) Grey's Anatomy lives in these grey (haha) areas.

I get both sides. Callie didn't experience the accident, just the aftermath and Arizona got both in big fucking ways. And no matter how much Arizona apologizes, the fact of the matter is that Arizona cheated.

And Izzie cut the LVAD wire. Meredith opened the test results. The chief cheated. Alex killed a patient. April slept with Jackson (I'm not saying sleeping with people is bad. This is Grey's. In April's moral compass it was bad and this season we've seen her come to terms with it. The end). George cheated. Alex told a patient's husband information that resulted in a lawsuit for Addison. Owen cheated. Teddy married a patient for the insurance. Derek cheated. Meredith cheated.

Good people do bad things and then have to figure it out after. That's Grey's Anatomy. So Arizona is not a whore or a bitch, she's someone who screwed up after a traumatic event. And I for one am excited to watch these two try to work it out.
Rant over.

Monday, September 23, 2013

What are You Watching?

What I'm watching (bold is non-network, italicized is midseason):

Sunday: The Good Wife, Revenge, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Homeland
Monday: Castle, HIMYM, Sleepy Hollow, Lost Girl
Tuesday: S.H.I.E.L.D., Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood
Wednesday: Modern Family, Nashville, Suburgatory
Thursday: Parks and Recreation, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Parenthood, Elementary, Community 
Friday: Haven

There are a few midseason shows I'm considering: Crisis and Us & Them, but I'm not sold yet.

What I'm for sure NOT reviewing:
HIMYM, Castle, Modern Family, Suburgtory

I will be reviewing Downton but with the American schedule, not the British schedule that is currently airing. I won't spoil anyone here, but my Tumblr might.

This may change because no one decided to consult my emotional health when creating that Thursday schedule. Or maybe I'll switch to live-blogging for some. Thoughts?

If you see I'm missing something you dearly love to watch, head over to my friend Emily's blog here!

What are you looking forward to? Not looking forward to? Are you willing to help my Thursday night wine/tissue fund? Answer in the comments!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

He Dumped Her and I Shot Her and the Whole Thing Got Weird-Haven 4X01

We see Duke, sprawled on the floor of the Barn trying to figure out where Audrey is. There are black holes on the walls and he goes down one of them and wakes up in an aquarium. In Boston. 6 months later. What?
It's a Magic Trick! But...the opposite

And it's not a Haven episode unless Duke is arrested (or threatened to be). He attempts to explain his insane story to the cop and then finds out that Haven thinks he's dead. Does Haven not watch TV? A strange man showing up in a tank would make at lease the regional news right? Anyways, our new character for the season, Jennifer shows up and it turns out she's Troubled. And has been listening to Duke and company's conversations starting about oh, say, 6 months ago. She breaks him out of the hospital and Duke calls Vince and Dave to let them know he's alive.

Goddammit I want to know about Oprah

Then the two set off to find Nathan, who left Haven in fear of the Guard. They mange to find him at a biker bar taking money for people to hit him. Oh Nathan. So Broody. There's a moment where I couldn't decide if Nathan was going to punch Duke or what, but that hug was pretty great.
If this look is how Nathan chooses to handle his grief...I'm okay with that
And we meet up with Audrey, I mean Lexie, as a bartender somewhere. She meets Colin Ferguson who is seemingly a nice guy in a bar of skeezy dudes.

The threesome's return to Haven goes just about how you'd expect. The Guard is pissed at Nathan and shows up immediately, along with Sheriff Dwight.  Nathan tells them about his heartbreaking plan to get rid of the troubles for good.  And then a tornado shows up. Clearly, the troubles never left.
Haven decided to grow all the beards

Now it's been so long since the finale, is it that the Troubles go away only if Audrey is in the barn? Or only if Audrey is not in Haven? I honestly can't remember. Anyway, the Guard tries to tie up Nathan somewhere while they find Audrey, but Dwight wants him to help out around the town. I get why the Guard is so pissed. He did try to stop the Troubles from going away last season, but Nathan is offering up his life for this town and the Troubled. And he saved her life. He clearly cares, so let him help.

Back at the bar, a creepy looking guy tries to hold Lexie hostage at a table with a gun. Creepy guy and Colin Ferguson have it out in the middle of the bar, saving Lexie.

So the weather is weird and terrible in Haven, so the first suspect is Marianne. In a great throwback to the pilot, Nathan and company go to see her. When he gets to her, her whole house is frozen out of grief for Conrad. Nathan does his thing, mentioning that he learned it from Audrey (ugh feels) and saves the day. He decides to stay on to help Haven PD while he looks for Audrey.

Returning to the bar, we learn that Colin Ferguson knows who Lexie is. Or used to be. Or whatever. Anyways, they need to discover her identity to save a lot of people.

I know that Audrey isn't really Audrey, and I don't know how we are going to get her back to Audrey without her being everyone else she's ever been. And I don't know if the show is going there, but I can't see an emotionally satisfying ending without the whole Nathan/Audrey relationship being addressed somehow. At least, more than last season.

Thoughts and theories? Is Nathan Audrey's true love? Any guesses on who Colin Ferguson is?