Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Why Did We Wait So Long?"-Haven 4X05

If we did a satellite survey of Haven, how many dead bodies would there be outside of cemeteries (I'm assuming Haven has multiple ones. Like Sunnydale)? 

These are the sorts of things that run through my head during sad scenes like this one. Thanks grad school. 

Anyways, we then cut to Jennifer, who is trying to research her parentage. Vince has narrowed it down to 6 Haven families, so she decides she's going to track them down. I'm glad the show has a reason to have her stick around other than Duke asked her to. I also want her and Audrey to become best friends because every potential female friend for Audrey has died. Or lost their memory. Dave and Vince argue a bit about the Troubles before Vince storms off. 

Nathan is making pancakes and Audrey's place. God, I love this show. But they don't get to eat them because Vince and Dave show up, sending Nathan diving out the back like a high school kid (isn't that what's supposed to happen in high school? That's what tv has taught me anyway). The two find him and admonish him for not seducing Lexie and then he awkwardly tries to quote Phil Collins. I mean, The Supremes.

Duke comes into the Herald to tell Jennifer to get her stuff and leave because he's skipping town. Jennifer is naturally confused, so Duke explains that he's tired of helping everyone else. He's supposed to be the selfish one. He leaves an upset Jennifer to get a part from one of the Driscolls. Suddenly, everything starts to be crushed, or implodes, and he has to save a girl from this Trouble.  When the police arrive they realize that it's a pressure trouble, and Vince and Dave have the bends. They are put in a decompression chamber while they hilariously bicker at each other. Dear Haven writers, more 'drunk' Dave and Vince please.

Nathan and Audrey arrive as Duke leaves, and he yells at them for how selfish they are. Audrey disagrees, and they continue on their separate ways. The two quickly realize that the Driscolls brothers now have a Trouble because of the same guys that changed Carrie's last week. And creepily spied on Audrey and Nathan.

"You Look Like a Turtle!"
We find the other Driscoll brother being arrested in the middle of the town. This pressure activates his Trouble, which continues to grow until the police arrive. The plan becomes to have Duke kill Jack Driscoll, taking his Trouble. Problem: Duke doesn't have his Trouble anymore. Nathan and Audrey realize this when he finally shows up and some of Nathan's blood gets on him. The three of them don deep sea suits to help Aiden, but Nathan starts to lose oxygen. Audrey continues to stop Aiden, and Duke saves Nathan's life.

Meanwhile, Jennifer has met with all of her potential families but one. There, she sees a horseshoe crab with human eyes. Just like earlier in the episode. Creepy. So, so creepy.

Thanks for those nightmares Haven

Meanwhile, Jennifer has met with all of her potential families but one. There, she sees a horseshoe crab with human eyes. Just like earlier in the episode. Creepy. So, so creepy.

Duke realizes he was wrong to leave and apologizes to Jennifer, who forgives him.  Jennifer, after going to the last house, gets a box of the family's stuff. In there? The book that Audrey had in the pilot and that the two Audreys found at Agent Howard's house. Jennifer and Audrey are connected. Part of me thinks that Jennifer is Audrey's (not our Audrey) sister. But, that Audrey never showed signs of a Trouble. It may be her losing her memory messed with how she gets her Trouble, but I don't think that's it. Whatever this is, this book is important, and I'm excited for the scene where Audrey haphazardly finds it (you know it will happen).

 Dave and Vince show up to talk about how the apocalypse is totally not happening, and then Jennifer bursts their bubble. Those creepy crabs? A sign of the apocalypse. I swear, if I made a list of all the possible signs of the Apocalypse based off of television shows...this one would be the wierdest. Anyways, because of the whole non-end-of-the-world thing, they set off to find Nathan and Audrey. Who are crying, as they decide now is the time to kill him. But first, the most Haven-y things said this season:
Jennifer: Could be something she doesn't know she knows, you know?...Does that makes sense?
Duke: ...Believe it or not, yes.

In Haven, events are cyclical. The Troubles come every few decades, with Audrey, the Crockers, and others to help protect the town. Really, all of the characters are just fulfilling their role every time. Jack told Duke earlier that the Driscolls and the Crockers protect the town, that's their jobs. The sense of family lineage and its relationship to the Troubles is what drives a lot of these character's actions. Every characters has things they know, but they don't know they know them because of who fulfills the roles everytime.

Guys, this is the second time in two days you have walked in on people post-coitus. I think it's time for an intervention.
They come upon a line :"You're greatest salvation with be your doom". What is their salvation? Nathan's death. So they try and stop Nathan and Audrey from killing Nathan. Duke also lets it slip that Audrey is really Audrey before they hear the gunshot off camera. Uh-oh.

One of the things I've always loved about Haven is how logical it is. Yes, it's a show about the supernatural. But every finding makes some sort of sense. The mythology of the show is so well done, which each 'supernatural' things having a logical reason rather than just saying 'its magic' and moving on. That's why this whole "Audrey must kill someone she loves to end the Troubles" has never sat well with me. It felt more like someone made up this rumor as a way for Audrey/Sarah/Lexie/Lucy to suffer? Especially if Haven is some sort of battleground, the spread of myths in order to mess with the other side seems plausible. It always seemed like untrue myth rather than fact in the Havenverse, and I'm glad they've disproved it.

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