Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"I'm in"-The Good Wife 4x22

Oh Zack. I know you're trying to be a good kid, but why do you always find yourself in these situations? The Good Wife puts up another quirky case with court in the middle of the night to stop the votes from being counted. And what do they add to make it more awesome? Patty Nyholm. And her children.

She's back! With babies!

Seriously, the best exchange of the night was:
Will: Is that one new?
Patty: I don't know, I've lost track.

This case was something that could only happen on The Good Wife. It was so entertaining to watch Alicia, Diane, and Will have to switch sides mid-case AND join with opposing council. It's another example of what I talked about last week, where e show is more concerned with how the law works rather than if it is just.

Go home George

I really hope they bring the election cheating back next season. Peter may try to claim innocence, but leaving the decision up to Will was a jerk move. You don't get to be a good person if you let election rigging happen. Will clearly made the decision for Alicia's happiness, so he gets a little reprieve in my book. I feel like if Alicia finds out about e rigging, her relationship with both Peter and Will could be damages. But, I think her relationship with Will is fixable because he did not already lie and cheat on Alicia with prostitutes. And Kalinda. Peter's out of chances.

"My mother just threatened me?"

What did you all think outcome? In particular, there was a comment about how many votes Peter won by. I interpreted it as the place Zack voted at to be not the only place that the votes were changed, and that's why Peter won by more than he thought he would. However, I have heard other ideas that he never needed them in the first place and the rigging was for nothing. Thoughts? Post below in the comments!

Serious Alicia is serious.

I completely bought it. I watched this episode with my friend Emily (who has an awesome blog at and we thought Will was going to be on the other side of that door. We were literally jumping off the couch with excitement. But The Good Wife sucker punched us with Cary's face and Alicia's "I'm in". The last sequence of this episode was done so beautifully. Alicia comes home and has a glass of wine, does some laundry and waits. By pairing the daily events of her life with a HUGE life decision emphasizes the importance of this decision and Alicia's constant choice to remain a good wife. Or at least her version of it. Many people have been complaining (Tumblr, I'm looking at you) that Alicia made a cowardly choice or no choice at all by not leaving Peter. Now, I would like her to leave Peter as well. But I understand why she doesn't. Beyond him being the father of her kids, he represents something to Alicia. This season they introduced her mother, a woman that moves from man to man. Alicia doesn't want to be her mother. It has been previously mentioned that she didn't like that her parent got divorced. And then in this season her mother tells her that she should go after Will, and Alicia immediately pulls Peter into the bathroom for sex. I don't think she really wants to be with Peter, but Peter represents how Alicia can avoid her mother's failings. We have seen Alicia battle between what was expected of her and what she wants. In a flashback to their pre-cheating life, their relationship is almost stepfordish. There is a historical notion that women are supposed to be the keepers of virtue, expecting to forgive their husband's transgressions and make none of their own. Alicia still feels the pressure of the 50's notion of womanhood that she thinks she's supposed to conform to, and that means choosing Peter also means that her previous relationship with Will is a transgression to be forgotten and moved away from, hence the Cary choice. The Kings noted that even though Alicia is trying to distance herself from Will, who says that will work out? I'm interested to see how all this plays out, and I am counting down the days until the next season. Add your predictions and hopes for next season in the comments!

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  1. I agree with what you said about Alicia not wanting to be her mother. As much as I want her to leave Peter, how can anyone blame her when you add in mommy issues?

    I don't like the theory you heard about Peter being able to win without the cheating. That almost makes the cheating worse, to me, because then what the hell was the point?